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Randy Goodwin

Hi! I'm  Randy Goodwin a husband, father, and a born-again believer with all the authority and power that has been given unto man From God the Father to operate in our Freedom..

 Jesus always comes every time to heal and set free. We will cancel any Generational curses that you have and made them null and void along with any vows, oaths, or ceremonies. We will integrate any potential alters so the true person will be one and healed. Also, we will move quickly and efficiently, so you can Get free, Live free, Stay free!

Throughout the Gospels, we see story after story of Jesus reaching out to those who were hurting. He healed the sick. He performed miracles. Furthermore, he delivered people from demonic spirits. Yet He didn’t always do things in the timing or the way that many would think best. I love it when God works outside our own box of thinking. He reaches across social and cultural boundaries to the soul in need, bringing restoration from brokenness and hope for a fresh start. That’s what he did in the lives of these people. And that’s what He desires to do in our lives too.

Randy Goodwin Mission

Randy Goodwins deliverance ministry/inner-healing ministry has helped people suffering from the effects of juju, witchcraft, obanji/water spirits, spiritual husbands or spiritual wives, freemasonry, the occult, rejection, depression, physical illnesses, molestation, verbal and emotional abuse, pain/trauma, DID/MPD, schizophrenia, voices (Dissociate Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder/MPD/DID/BPD/ADHD/OCD/CDD) and many more.

Whenever I am a part of a Deliverance as a Minister, I am amazed at how God always comes through. When a person chooses to forgive and repents from their sin, the demons leave when they are told to in the name of Jesus Christ. Deliverance is easy because God does all the work!. Our greatest weapon is not our muscles, or the loudness of our voice, or our religiosity-it is speaking the Word of God, speaking the truth to evil. Believing the truth rather than a lie. Once the truth is confessed and forgiven, demons must leave when commanded. That’s Deliverance and God makes it easy.

A demon cannot enter a person without that person’s permission. The problem is that it’s easier to just give in and let them in rather than fight to keep them out. It’s easy to become lazy or forget how nice it is to be out of bondage. Now even after a session you have to do your part and stay strong in the word and don’t waiver in your faith. Take up your sword and fight for your new found freedom, Yes its a fight!

Randy Goodwin Vision

Deliverance will ONLY be effective if you are repentant. If you are being tortured with feelings of anger, bitterness , hatred or unforgiveness toward anyone, if you really want to forgive them and stop being angry, you should come for a Deliverance. While it may seem impossible for you right now to forgive, through the Deliverance process, you will find freedom. Randy Goodwin

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

On the other hand, if you don’t think unforgiveness is that big of a deal, then you can continue experiencing the torment if you so choose. A deliverance will not help if you would rather be angry or if you feel like you are “justified” to hate. We are justified by faith in Jesus Christ alone. So Move towards God and lets get you Free now !

Randy Goodwin With Wife- Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance From Demons

Any Demons that have attached to a wound  we will get rid of them . Legal rights for the demons will be removed so they have no right to stay. We will move quickly and efficiently to cover all necessary things that are blocking your freedom to get you Free !

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