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Satanic ritual abuse victims (Sra Survivors) sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, or sadistic ritual abuse. Please be very serious if you want to be free and willing to do the homework. Willing to put in the effort this truly will take. If you are then please email me.
If you are a Sra Survivors I can help you be deprogrammed. Nobody knows the real formula. I have been trained from the formula the elites use. Please email me first.. thank you

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Satanism is most often, but not always, multigenerational. People are born into satanic families that their parents were also born into. And, the grandparents are also involved along with aunts, uncles, and cousins, etc. back several generations. This is far more pervasive in our society than people realize. I see this because of my many years of helping people born into these families and for many, abuse is all they’ve known. They have been raised to be abusers also.

Most of us who know anything about generational Satanism have a tendency to separate these people into two categories: victims and perpetrators and However, the lines cannot be that firmly drawn Also, I have come to see that they are all victims in some way—victims of Satan. That diabolical being who is at war with Almighty God for the rule of the earth.

You can know what real love is and also know what it’s like to be free and loved. You Are SAFE Here!

Are you a Person With Past Trauma? Abuse Victim? This is the right place for you. Satanic Ritual Abuse Sra Survivors Victims have suffered extreme abuse to their bodies and For some, every possible device for pain was used against them from electric shock to multiple rapes to many near-death experiences and everything in between.

We have to demolish the structure That has been built and restore the soul from all fragmented parts and If you were truly involved in a ritual abuse then the programming from the ones who handled and did the programming needs to be removed. This is much more in depth then simply wounds/demons. The latest version is done digitally. It takes time but I am trained to do this.
You may have thousands of alters from these past traumas you have experienced and I want you to know “ITS NOT YOUR FAULT “. Please contact me If you were a victim and you want to be free of this.

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Sra Survivors

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